Woodworking 101: How Woodworking Started

Woodworking 101: How Woodworking Started

Knowing the history of woodworking is significant. So why learn from the past? It allows you to innovate something and make a part of woodworking innovation.

Woodworking started from different civilizations such as ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, and Romans. They practiced woodworking in different strategies and techniques. They used it in their primitive weapons to hunt animals in the forests and build their shelters. 

To comprehensively understand where and how woodworking started and happened, watch out for some interesting topics for you. If you wanted to be a historian just for a while, then let us proceed. This will excite everyone as we move back and see what happened in the past. 

Brief History Of Woodworking

Wood is essential, even a necessity for us. It is because we cannot build something necessary for our daily lives without it. As we are looking forward to the future of woodworking as the innovations are continuously roaring the industry, let us understand what happened or its history. 

Woodworking started from the civilization of Egyptians as they have strategies and techniques such as veneering. They made furniture and crafts with their bare hands. The history of humankind is just like the history of woodworking. 

Humankind needs shelter, food, and even fire. It is their necessity. With the help of woods, they catch and hunt animals in the forest for their food. They also need a block of wood to build a shelter. They need a woodblock to fire and cook the animal they hunted in the forest just because there was no concrete cement. 

Egyptians and Chinese used woodworking long ago. Also, Egyptians made chisels, axes, drills, and saws out of the wood. They even made a boat lead them in trading. Woodworking is also art. Because it has designs, strategies, techniques, and principles, creating a whole new knowledge and skills for a particular individual.

Understanding the past makes some sense in the future when the problem happens. You can study its origin and create innovation out of it. Since technology is vastly growing today, we should innovate as well for the future of humankind.

That is how woodworking started. It is only necessary, but it is essential for everyone until now. That is how wood plays a crucial role in our daily lives.  

How Do I Get Started In Woodworking?

Getting started in woodworking would require you a lot of time, equipment, and effort. Researching about what types of wood you are going to use, equipment, materials, and even tools is a gigantic task for you.

If you want to start in woodworking, make sure that you have the essential equipment, know the safety precautions, use each tool, and have lumber equipped for you as you know how to measure. 

Safety rules 

Sharp blades, tools, materials, and equipment are dangerous for you. That is why you need to study the safety rules. You should keep in mind every rule and follow it to eliminate yourself at risk of injuries. Commit to following all of it.

Know the top ten hand tools for you as a woodworker 

It is essential to know the most essential things to use for any project. Regardless of your skin level, always be aware of it. So, you can start right away. For starters, here are some tools that you will usually need.

  1. Hammer
  2. Layout square
  3. Level
  4. Utility knife
  5. Chisel
  6. Nail sets
  7. Screwdriver
  8. Block plane
  9. Sliding bevel

You should have your power tools

As a woodworker, you will use a power tool so that your work will finish right on time. Yes, it is a bit expensive, but you can use it for a long time, especially when you know what to purchase. It includes the following tools.

  1. Jigsaw
  2. Circular saw
  3. Table saw
  4. Power drill
  5. Router
  6. Random orbital sander
  7. Compound miter saw

Most useful woodworking machine 

You should have the most useful woodworking machine in your arsenal. This way, you won’t have any interruptions while working. 

  1.  a full-size table saw
  2. band saw
  3. radial arm saw

Choose the good lumber for your woodworking projects 

You should learn how to pick a good one that is suitable for your projects. This way, you can avoid woods to twist, cut, cup, and warp. It would be a lot easier to do your future projects if you know the right wood to use.

Check for squares

You should know how to check intersections, board end, and joints for the square. You should also know how to use squaring tools for your minor projects.

These are trying to square, speed square, and framing square. The method 3-4-5 is suitable for you to follow the squaring method. It has something to do with a little of Mathematics.

Invest in woodworking accessories

You should have shop accessories to complete your project safer and more comfortable.  

Calculating board feet 

Another touch of Mathematics, though. Well, learn how to calculate a board foot for the softwood lumber and hardwood boards. It is because they have commonalities in shapes. 

Softwoods are standard lumber, while hardwood is available by the board foot. Calculating a board foot makes you feel that your money is worth it as you buy a single piece of wood. You will learn about worth. 

It is good to start woodworking, especially when it is your first time encountering it because it adds new knowledge and skills. Being independent helps you grow significantly.

You also run a shop, which would be a way to make you financially stable. Just enjoy what you are doing, and then everything will follow. 

Woodworking 101: How Woodworking Started

Frequently Asked Questions 

As we move along from the history to starting up woodworking, we will talk about it deeper as we answer your questions in this section. To become more engaged with woodworking, let us learn about it as a business, and as a hobby.

Is Woodworking an expensive hobby?

Woodworking is not an expensive hobby as long as you think practically. You will reach everything as you are starting. Start it up little by little. You do not have to purchase everything at a specific time. Be mindful and considerate. 

Budget your money, set a goal, set a purpose in each goal, and aim for a particular tool to buy in one month—something like that. Do not waste your money, be practical, and think about your basic needs before your hobby. Needs should be your top priority, not your wants. If you are dealing hard with the equipment and materials you don’t have, then set a goal—one tool at a time, one goal. 

Someday, you will realize the value of your money, especially when you need it for your daily life. Be practical and be mindful always. Move forward positively. Work things out before anything else. 

Is woodworking a lucrative business?

Putting up woodworking is a profitable business. You can make a product and sell it according to the price you want with a unique design, and you can help others sell their items in your shop. 

If you are out of the board or paper, people will visit you eventually, especially when you have the best woodwork in town. A wide range of customers will come for you after they review your product. Also, they may be your customers anytime. If you base your shop at home, it is hard for you to make a profit. 

But if you live in the city, or near the city, people will reach you. You can also use social media as your platform in your business. Please give them a photograph of your product, upload it, and someone will message you quickly.

How can I teach myself woodworking?

First, set up a place and change it, so you have a space for your work. You can be at the garage, or anywhere in your house near outside. Second, learn how to measure and read the measurement. If you mistakenly read a single measurement, your project will be absurd. Third, know the varieties of woods and lumbers. 

There are softwood and hardwood. Softwoods are pine, fir, cedar, spruce, etc. Hardwood includes mahogany, cherry, birch, oak, maple, walnut, etc. You can start working with pine and serve as your practice because it is affordable. This would make your skills improve. Always use straight wood boards to avoid warped and bowed boards.

Learning how to use essential tools will help you become knowledgeable about woodworking. Try to review each tool’s manual, you do not have to memorize all of them but try to understand them. Once you perfect this, you know what actually you are doing. 


Knowing the history of woodworking helps us understand how woods work in the present. You can be able to start up to become a woodworker of just enhancing your hobby. Be safe, always. Try to try until you perfect the woodworking. It will benefit you a lot for your future.

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