The 10 Best Smartphone Apps for Woodworking

The 10 Best Smartphone Apps for Woodworking

Mobile technology has changed the face of our society – from business to almost everyone’s daily lives. Hence, they call it the digital age. Thanks to mobile app developers, they were able to see the increasing number of woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts who access the internet to watch video tutorials in doing a specific project. Today, let us share with you some of the best smartphone apps for woodworking.

Through apple or play store, you can search for any mobile app that you need for woodworking. Enter the right keyword, and you will have hundreds of results. Some of the best woodworking tools that you can find are the following.

  1. Measure
  2. Smart Ruler
  3. iHandy Carpenter
  4. TapPainter
  5. Handyman Calculator

Nowadays, you can also read other users’ reviews and the number of downloads to increase credibility. Aside from your tools, these smartphone apps can definitely level up your game. Apart from woodworking applications, we will also give you the best android and ios programs for every DIY enthusiast.

10 Best Smartphone Apps for Woodworking

With the booming industry of technology and continuous new inventions of devices, software builders have also developed apps that are useful for most woodworkers. More and more woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts take the internet to watch tutorials and project plans. To provide efficient results, who wouldn’t mind investing in these best smartphone apps for woodworking? 


Both Apple and Google have made an app called “Measure” for their respective platforms, which does the same thing. It uses the phone’s detectors and cameras to do various measurements. This app is already present on iPhones running iOS 12+ and updated android versions.

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Scan the material with the app so that it detects the vertical and horizontal planes. On Google’s version, you may select between measuring distance or elevation. On the iOS variant, you can measure objects, and there’s also “Level” that functions as a soul leveler.

2.Smart Ruler

Smart Ruler is not just a regular ruler program. It is suitable for measuring small objects that could fit inside your display or screen of your mobile device. Often, we must estimate the span of a screw or a coin but could not locate the ideal tools at the perfect moment. With Smart Ruler, you may simply create your phone as the right tool.

You have to set a small thing, like a screw or bolt, and adjust it to fit your screen. Then touch the screen, after a red line appears. Adjust that red line, and you’ll get you precise measurements. How easy and convenient is that for you?

3.iHandy Carpenter

If you’re interested in finding an accurate mobile program for woodworking, you need to select iHandy Carpenter. This application includes five professional tools, including a plumb bob, flat bubble pub, surface level, steel protractor, and steel ruler. The developers made these features to assist you in producing accurate dimensions.

With this app, you can have the ability to assess the verticality of the pieces of wood and even walls. You just have to ensure that the surfaces are flat. Don’t forget to measure the angles, and swipe it to measure in centimeters or inches. With all those incredible features, the iHandy Carpenter is among the best apps that you should not do without as a woodworker.


TapPainter helps you to decide which paint color will suit on the walls of your property. You may not just pick unique shades of colors that you prefer, but you could also mix different color tones that are suitable for your project. This way, you can have a better perception of the outcome of your plans and imaginations.

Although nothing can beat the physical sample of wooden items, TapPainter is still helpful if you’re confused between different colors and would like to narrow down your choices. To get started, you can import a photograph or take an image within the program. Then, you can select various colors. Finally, TapPainter will automatically discover and color each area according to your choices.

5.Handyman Calculator

Are you having a hard time calculating dimensions in your head while doing other stuff? We understand since not all of us have supernatural gifts when it comes to mathematics. Thanks to some mobile apps, we can now calculate the right dimensions and sizes wherever and whenever. 

Whether you have internet or offline, Handyman Calculator is one of the most useful programs for woodworkers. It comprises all the necessary tools like calculation and conversion tools intended for Handyman and Woodworkers.

Within the program, you can even change its font, color, and text size. If you are either farsighted or nearsighted, you wouldn’t have any issues using this app. Moreover, it also has a broader collection of tools includes when it comes to measuring Air Conditioning, Concrete Steps, Curbs, and Gutters.

6.Woodshop Widget app

The Woodshop Widget app can also be one of the most useful programs if your job involves a lot of wood. The app also contains tools like species comparison, a board volume calculator, unit conversion aids, and a compound-and-crown helper for crown molding and decorative elements. 

Check the Woodshop Widget app if you don’t know which kind of softwood or hardwood you should get. Then, match your project so that you can get the right type of wood with suitable thickness, hardness, and moisture. The program also includes a list of densities of approximately 200 types of woods, which can be quite Helpful for a woodworker.

7.iHandy Level

Another app from iHandy on the listing helps one check the flatness of a surface or your wooden material. The app behaves just like a Bubble or Spirit degree tool, but the difference is that it is on your mobile phone. The developer says that each device has another sensor so that you need to calibrate the app before use.

To calibrate, first, you have to find a flat surface. Then you need to maintain your device vertical, put the bottom edge of this device on the flat surface, then press the Calibrate button. Once calibrated correctly, this app is among the most precise level apps in the marketplace. 

8. Home Depot Go Shopping

Forget something to buy for your woodworking project? Constant trips to the hardware shop kill productivity and energy. So, get your shopping list right even before you go to the hardware store. Do it by thinking about your project details, and every process involved.

The Home Depot program is free on both iPhone and Android users. It’s a typical shopping app but with additional DIY tools for the user. Its voice recognition is surprisingly accurate. Tell it precisely what you want and then add the item to your listing.

9.DEWALT® Mobile Pro™

Whether you’re an experimental DIY enthusiast or a woodworking expert, DEWALT® Mobile Pro™ streamlines your projects by taking all of the work out of job site calculations. Should you want any extras such as business math or trimming calculations, then you can purchase the add-ons right from the program.

The free version will allow you to perform the fundamental operations when it comes to projections of your project. More importantly, it will give you accurate results for better looks of your project.

The DEWALT® Mobile Guru ™ program lets you efficiently compute area, duration, and quantity. Then, you can share it via email, which can be useful if you utilize a team. Moreover, it uses real-world examples to describe complex concepts. You will also love the detailed illustrations that help its user visualize projects.


Woodcraft is another helpful woodworking tool, but you have to pay it 19.99 to access its full features. It is a little expensive, but it truly is an exceptional app that any visionary woodworker would really like to possess. The app enables you to visualize and draft up any concept or job before you even look at the proper materials to use. Moreover, it unites the elements of CAD and 3D modeling to allow you to do different purposes.

Woodcraft can enable you to design carpentry jobs in 2D and 3D. Ultimately, enjoy electronic tools like hand saws and table saws to create accurate cuts in design. It may sound difficult to use, but even beginners can use it. For short, Woodcraft is woodworking within your mobile devices.

10 Best Smartphone Apps For DIY Projects

If you’ve just started in woodworking, you’ll probably start with DIY projects. So, let these do-it-yourself mobile applications be your next guide when doing your future plans. From DIY design inspirations, color matching, calculations, and cutting, there’s a suitable program for you. Let’s take a look at the best smartphone apps for your DIY projects. 

1.The Woodshop Widget

The Woodshop Widget is an all-encompassing program that’s a complete dream application for woodworkers. Comprised of several wood-related utilities, this program lets you take advantage of any DIY job or professional job with minimal accessories or equipment.


Much like Wikipedia for the DIY collection, WikiHow is available in both Android and iOS for free. It supplies you with thousands of how-to guides ranging from life and tech hacks, quick repairs, DIY, and craft jobs. 

WikiHow has it all, complete with illustrations and videos. Users can browse through and search categories, look at featured articles, and bookmark specific how-tos for later offline reading. A neat feature in the iOS version is that the addition of a Survival Kit, a group of first aid and survival manuals that come preloaded for offline use.

3.DIY Tip Guru 

Here’s another free app for both iOS and Android users. The Family Handyman magazine offers DIY and home improvement tips using its own DIY Tip Genius app. It provides users with helpful techniques, expert secrets, and guides. 

Users may check out the suggestion of the afternoon, and try their luck with arbitrary tips. Moreover, the app also allows its users to mark their favorite ideas, and search by groups for useful practices and projects to their household needs.

4.iHandy Carpenter 

IHandy Carpenter takes advantage of your own iPhone or iPad’s built-in detectors to turn your device to a handy set of resources. The surface and flat bubble bar allow you to check horizontal surfaces, even though a plumb bob lets you check the verticality of walls. 

A steel protractor enables you to measure angles of up to 180 degrees, whereas an onscreen ruler enables small dimensions in inches and centimeters. Overall, it is an excellent tool, but it would cost you $1.99 to utilize it.

5.Photo Measures 

Photo Measures is available on both Android and iOS, with a fee of $6.99. It is a handy portable assistant for shooting photographs and annotating them using color-coded measurements, angles, and notes. Users can zoom in for more detail, save photos in PDF or JPG formats, type photos by category, and export and import photos in an assortment of sizes and aspect ratios. It’s a useful reference app for planning out your next home improvement project.

6.RoomScan Pro

RoomScan Guru takes advantage of your smartphone’s motion sensors to scan and document your space and floor plan layouts rapidly. Just tap your smartphone on the wall and await the beep, repeating on every wall and door frame you want to record. 

Once done, RoomScan takes into consideration your movement throughout the space and listed wall sections, intelligently drawing walls according to your recordings for a fast floor plan. However, it is only available on iOS for $4.99.

It is possible to edit dimensions manually, enter architectural symbols, and combine room plans into complete floor designs. Users may conserve floor plans into images, PDF, and DXF files, using a fee for much more advanced export options. It is difficult for a screenshot to capture it in action, so check out this demo video to see RoomScan Guru does its thing.


Pinterest is an excellent online resource for many different interests, such as crafting, DIY, interior design, and home improvement fields. Users may browse topic-related interest boards and store intriguing projects, thoughts, and photos for inspiration, reference, and later use in their endeavors to discuss their works with the internet community.


Called the “Wikipedia of Interior Design”, Houzz is a social network devoted to architecture, interior design, and home improvement. The official Houzz program serves as a massive repository of posts, talks, and photos that budding house improvement mavens and inside layout addicts can consult with inspiration and assistance.

Whether you’re searching for DIY thoughts, design inspiration, fascinating pieces of furniture, or just need to get in contact with local professionals or talented amateurs, or Houzz has something to you.

With this program, you can estimate the board motion, compute volume, and examine squares for accuracy. It would also allow you to convert decimals into fractions. It is possible to view the general wood species information and assess the elements you need to mix or dilute shellac. Last, you can compare the hardness, density, and motion of over 200 wood species.

9.Cut Calculator

Alright, so this one can be a game-changer for a few of you. It is all about efficiency and minimizing waste, and is not that what we strive for? Whether woodworking is a business or a hobby, nobody likes to spend more than that, which is just right. Layout your timber, and plan how you will cut the planks – it is the best approach to boost efficiency and avoid wasting materials.

Only throw you all of your cuts on several material dimensions, and the program outputs an optimized program. What’s even better is that it is possible to download, print, or send it into your email or your coworkers. If you get your sheet goods cut down in the lumber store, this app is beneficial. However, it is only compatible with the iPad and costs $6.99.

10.Fraction Calculator + Decimals

As woodworkers, we generally operate fractions. So when you grab your calculator, you always have to convert this portion into a decimal first. Can you ever end up converting a fraction to decimal on the calculator before you really do your research? Well, this app takes that extra step apart. You can input the real fractions and get a result in the kind of a fraction.

Additionally, it shows the decimal format of this number below as soon as you hit enter in the event you require it. The base program is free, and that is all I’ve ever really needed. The paid version allows you to convert a decimal to a fraction, but in fact, how often do you need to do that.


When it comes to woodworking, you also have to be ready to embrace developments, especially if it would benefit your output. The smartphone apps on our list will always be beneficial for both woodworkers and even DIY enthusiasts. Match each mobile software with the right woodworking tools, and you will definitely the perfect design. 

The best thing about these smartphone apps is that most of them are free. There may be some in-app purchases for advanced features, but even the free plans are already useful. Moreover, the ability to install it on your phone is technology’s significant advent in all these years.

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