Can you Do Woodworking in an Apartment?

More often, the lack of working space is one of the most common hindrances for some aspiring woodworkers because some of them live in an apartment. Some don’t continue to do woodworking because of the perception that this job requires a huge garage or lawn. In this article, we will help you answer if you can do woodworking in an apartment and some tips on how to do it.

When it comes to woodworking, you don’t need a large workspace. Therefore, it is possible to begin in a small part of your apartment. All you need to do is match the sizes of your projects and select the right tools. So, you can start with hand tools to minimize dust and noise. Even without those power tools, you can still create a variety of wood projects. It’s all about proper preparation and planning.

Believe it or not, thousands of woodworkers started working in small spaces like inside their apartments. It is all about working smart, consistent, and persistent in achieving what you want to do. For as long as you have the creativity it takes to be a woodworker, you can work anywhere. Let us help you with how you can set up your woodworking shop in your apartment and the tools that you will need.

How Can You Setup a Woodworking Shop In Your Apartment And Within A Budget?

You can transform your passion and creativity into a way of making a living from your apartment. You need to plan your woodworking area carefully. Even the most famous furniture makers and other woodworker artists started small. For now, while you are not earning money from your craft, you can set up your woodworking shop in your apartment.

Step 1 – Plan Your Workspace Carefully But With Innovation

The first thing that you have to do is to draw a plan for a room in your apartment where you want to set up a woodworking shop. If you are living in a flat, think carefully about which part of your apartment would fit in your woodworking area. Many people have set up a wood store on the balconies, dining rooms, and even a spare toilet. You may also try setting up a woodshop in your bedroom.

If you are working on small tasks, you can start creating a small space in the kitchen. Just make sure to add a divider like plywood so that your materials wouldn’t mix with your foods or anything that you will cook. Moreover, make sure to create a versatile design where you can expand your career in the future.

Step 2 – Soundproof Your Apartment

Woodworking, for us, is fun. However, other people live in the same building who hate hearing those hammering and sawing of wood. When you work on your wood projects, you don’t want to annoy your neighbors. Consider the area getting soundproofed so that you don’t receive complaints from your neighbors about making a lot of noise. Soundproofing an apartment isn’t that hard, so you wouldn’t have any issues with it.

You can buy soundproof panels from your local hardware store. Hang panels around the walls of the living room. When you work on your project, the panels will absorb the sound created by power tools. You can also buy the insulation sheet board as well. Try purchasing the thickest brand you could afford. You should cover walls, windows, and doors with sheets when working on your woodworking projects. It is an expensive choice, but it will provide the best sound insulation possible.

Step 3 – Start With Small Woodworking Projects

In woodworking, you can always start with small yet functional objects like wooden utensils and some toys. In fact, it is better to start small, given that you have limited space. Moreover, it would help you gain more experience along the way. Working on small objects is not a bad idea for as long as you are providing value. If you are hardworking in searching for buyers, there is an excellent market in selling small wooden projects. You can even sell it in bulk orders, and you will still make a decent income.

Step 4 – Deal With Wood Dust In Your Apartment

Woodworking produces a lot of dust that can be a health hazard to you and your family members. Dust can be especially problematic when working in a tiny apartment. Power tools typically contain a substantial amount of dust. So, do not use power tools if you want to stop dust. However, if your project needs power tools, you should consider purchasing a high-quality dust collector.

Mind the excessive exposure to dust can be hazardous to health. Dust collectors will keep the air clean and dust-free. Consider buying a portable dust collector from your woodworking shop in your apartment. Portable dust collectors will have 3⁄4 HP engines capable of producing at least 650 CFM. Just make sure that you check the dust collector filters periodically.

Step 5 – Buy Custom Boards For Your Projects

Woodworking is a challenge when you live in an apartment. In a small area, you can’t mill custom lumber, but you can always create new objects. An alternative to milling is to buy custom boards from a local store or an online site. You may order custom wood panels and boards. Your nearest lumberyard will usually cut the lumbar to the appropriate thickness for a small fee. 

Step 6 – Buy And Use The Right Woodworking Tools

It is where it becomes a little but crucial because it is easy to get lost in a pool of options. Remember that you have to pick according to your project. You can’t buy every tool in the market, knowing that you only have limited space. 

Selecting woodworking equipment while you stay in an apartment often needs some thought. In an apartment, you need different resources for DIY projects. Later in this article, we will give you a list of the woodworking items and tools that you can have while working in your apartment. 

Step 7 – Consider Installing Laminate Flooring

Try laying laminate flooring on your carpet. It means that the carpets won’t get dirty while you focus on your woodwork ventures. Make sure you put the panels or the rubber mat under the laminate sheets to keep the laminate floor from rolling over the rug. It is especially essential to cover the carpet if you don’t want to have a ruined rag. Metal shavings and wood dust can get caught in the carpet, and it would be hard to clear the shavings from the rug.

Step 8 – Invest On A High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Standard household vacuum cleaners are not appropriate for cleaning wood chips or sawdust. Vacuum cleaner filters are capable of suctioning wood dust on the floor. You should consider buying a shop vacuum cleaner to clean woodworking messes. These tools can easily remove dirt and chips from the floor. Try purchasing a model that comes with a washable filter and a removable bag. It will save you a lot of hassle as you clean up the woodworking debris in your apartment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, here are some frequently asked questions about doing woodworking in your apartment.

How do I start with woodworking?

Creative woodworking begins with the right idea in mind. Carefully plan the projects that you want to do, the niche, and designs to prepare the tools you have to buy. In the beginning, you can start with hand-held tools like a hammer, nails, chisels, hacksaw, and screwdrivers. It is better if you can invest in some high-end work table and clamps. When it comes to power tools, invest in basic ones like drills and jigsaws.

How much space is needed for a woodworking shop?

The space that you need for your woodworking shop depends on the project that you want to create. The recommended area for a woodworking workshop is about 75 square feet, while approximately 125 square feet is the ideal space. If you have smaller spaces, you can still work there for as long as you don’t have many power tools, large materials, and work on smaller projects.

How much does it cost to set up a woodworking shop?

The cost of a woodworking shop set up depends on the area where you will work. Moreover, you have to consider the tools that you’re going to use as well as your materials. For starters, save about $3,000 for materials and tools. Take note that it is only a rough estimate, and it still depends on the type of your project.


Woodworking is possible to begin in an apartment. All you need to do is pick the right tool for DIY wood ventures. You need to start using hand tools to reduce dust and noise. Try buying books and subscribing to online woodworking sites to learn more tips and maximize your fundamental tools. You will learn a lot from others about how to set up a woodworking shop in an apartment. There are a variety of wood projects that you can work on in a small room.

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