5 Best Places for Woodworking

5 Best Places for Woodworking

Where or what are the best places for woodworking? If you have been wondering the same questions, here’s your complete guide in understanding the best woodworking places. Whether at home or other states and countries, we are here to help you.

Woodworking is an activity that is widespread worldwide since every country has trees. You can even do it in your home, garage, and also on your lawn. It is all about finding the right tools and materials for your desired projects. For the tools, make sure that you have enough spaces where you will put it in.

If you are curious about the best places for woodworking, you’ve come to the right place. We would also be talking about the countries, states, and parts in your home where you can do woodworking. Ready? Let’s start.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Places For Woodworking

When planning your next workshop, here are some things that you have to consider. You must keep these factors in mind if you want to succeed in setting up your woodworking place without any hassle. You should know that a well-designed woodshop will help you get the most desirable results for every wooden project.

1.Location Of Your Woodworking Shop

The place reflects the first factor. Start with some regional or budgetary constraints. We even choose a venue focused on where most of the workshop participants live to minimize travel costs. It’s crucial, though, not to settle for whatever rooms your office may have available. Most workplaces lack spaces suitable for labs, so we suggest that you find remote locations off-site. The investment pays off.

Off-site research may help get people out of their usual mindset. For some businesses, a change of scenery may be helpful, particularly environments enshrined in the status quo. Often we have to weigh the availability of money rather than to prioritize the budget. Is there any participant or expert you would like to have in person? Perhaps you want to co-locate with our target users so we can do the interviews individually. The cost of the opportunity will easily eclipse the additional expense of an external venue.

2.Space Available

It may sound nit-picky, but you should carefully consider the specifics of the room itself. First of all, that can not be too small! Consider a place that is sufficiently wide to accommodate all attendees. Don’t forget you need plenty of space to walk about and huddle down the walls.

A good rule of thumb is to take out all the chairs from under the table, and there’s only a little space from the chair’s seat to the table. Is there still ample space to walk past a chair? That’s the very smallest space that you can embrace! Ensure you pick a room that can handle the planned number of participants proportionately while respecting their personal space.

Setting up a Garage Workshop: The Ultimate Guide

3.The Environment

Think about how your participants would feel about classroom space. It’s not touchy-feely material, it’s all key to your event’s success. Are focussing and having fun conducive? Is the room comfortable to work in and free of distractions? Consider air quality, furniture, lighting, and space’s general feel. Windows is also good, so people don’t feel like they’re locked up all day in a closet. A room from a window that gets natural light is always a good bet. 

Fun fact — known to improve efficiency in daylight environments! A relative consideration is the temperature of the room. Be sure you can regulate room temperature, so people don’t get too hot or too cold. Music is a powerful way to more welcoming the climate. Bring a small speaker so that when people visit, during breaks, or even during brainstorming sessions, you can play suitable tunes.

4.Add Some Furniture, When Possible

Ideally, your venue comes with all the requisite furniture. Nevertheless, you don’t want too many chairs or extra furniture that take up space either. Search for rooms that have easy-to-move tables that you can easily adjust to various configurations depending on your activities. 

Will you need to sit in one big brainstorming party, for example? Or, are you going to split into smaller groups? Nonetheless, put at least a table and some chairs for resting and regrouping of your ideas. More importantly, for taking breaks when your body and mind feel exhausted.

5.Wall Space And Whiteboards

One of the most significant features of an excellent workshop venue is production space. You need dedicated space to hang designs, posters, and Post-its. Ensure that the walls have enough space to pin or tape stuff, or that there are plenty of whiteboards.

You usually need two large whiteboards or 3 to 5 small ones. If you can’t get whiteboards, it will work for the 3M flip charts. If so, consider getting a sturdy stand or two, so they have something to sit on. If you have walls to hang on, they will be comfortable enough to stick to them with Post-it notes. Stop the comedy of continually dropping Post-its mistakes, at all costs.


Woods react to the current temperature. Hence, you have to be consistent in bringing the average temperature that it needs in your woodshop. You have to store your materials in the appropriate room temperature to maintain its efficiency at all times. As much as possible, avoid too hot or too cold temperature as it may affect your woodworking materials, most notably your wood. Can wood be too dry (or too wet) for woodworking? Learn more here.

What Countries Are Known For Excellent Woodwork?

Each country with trees growing in it has a woodworking tradition and a tradition of excellence in some sort. Every nation has a different woodworking style, either traditional like Japan or imported like the US. It depends on what kind of wood you want to use. Complicated inlaid and carved chests from India can be beyond comparison; tiny carved animals from Nigeria are real artworks. On the other hand, the US has chairmakers who are outstanding in quality and design. Moreover, Germany and Switzerland have excellent talented woodcarvers.

Most countries have excellence in more than one form of woodwork. It is all about choosing what kind of woodworking do you want? There’s a country or countries doing that kind of work, and they all have great craftsmen. In Japan, for example, there is a history of temple building over the years. The most detailed woodworking practice globally is where intricate load-bearing joints were made without using any fasteners or glues.

On a smaller scale, the Shoji style of partition making, cabinet building, and boxing often require exceptional precision and ingenuity. Even in China, the same kinds of rituals-these methods appear to be widespread all over SouthEast Asia and come from a very long time ago. 

The traditional Swiss cabinetmakers and clockmakers on another continent had a very fine woodworking heritage-with high precision; they made cuckoo clocks and complicated wooden mechanisms. Europe has a history of fine woodworking in general, which acquired a new life when a wave of Europeans came to America and brought their skills.

It is merely a matter of economic growth. What countries had enough wealthy people to make a simple piece of furniture to afford to have professional worker labor for a week or a month?

States In The US for Woodworking

Woodworking is like a language; it comes in different forms and letters, but its meaning remains the same. Woodworking happens worldwide and in every state in the US. The designs may differ a bit, but the goal has always been about providing high-quality wooden items. According to the BLS Census of Employment and Wages, here are the top states for residential furniture and cabinetry making in the US.

  1. California with 1,428 shops
  2. Florida with 1,073 shops
  3. New York with 691 shops.
  4. Texas with 665 shops.
  5. North Carolina with 643 shops.
  6. Illinois with 549 shops.
  7. Ohio with 499 shops.
  8. Indiana with 386 shops.
  9. Pennsylvania with 471 shops.
  10. Virginia with 343 shops.

Office Furniture & Fixtures

On the other hand, statistics show about 3,686 office furniture, fixtures, and millwork shops. Are these your thing? If you want to build elegant and modern office furniture, here are the top states with most shops.

  1. California – 412
  2. New York – 267
  3. Illinois – 224
  4. Texas – 199
  5. North Carolina – 198
  6. Florida – 186
  7. Ohio – 180
  8. Michigan – 168
  9. Pennsylvania – 157
  10. Georgia – 117

Where Can You Start Woodworking In Your House?

If you are eager to start woodworking, you can do it even in your home’s convenience. The most preferred place is a garage where you can put all your materials, tools and other equipment for woodworking. If you don’t have one, you can always work on your lawn or patio. Then, just look for some spaces where you can store your tools and materials. 

Your third option would be an extra room in your home with proper ventilation. Finally, you can also do woodworking in your apartment. Believe it or not, you have different ways of starting woodworking. It all boils down to being creative and utilizing the space and tools that you can have.

5 Best Places to Find Wood for Woodworking

Your woodworking designs should be as good as the wood you are using to build them. To the letter, you will pursue the world’s best plans to find yourself let down by some understanding lumber. It’s why knowing where the best places to find wood is essential information for your woodworking projects. Below are some ideas which will help you get started.

Wood Finder

This website works for everyone in the US who is searching for a specific form of wood. To check for unique lumber, specialty wood, or even veneer for your woodworking project, use the keyword check tool on the homepage. Then type the code in your address. In return, you will receive the nearest suppliers of the goods or services that you need. Take the knowledge to get you started shopping.

Lumber Yards

If there is an option between a national chain store and a local lumberyard, choose the latter each time. The personalized services that you receive from woodworkers such as you can help push your project to the next level. You’ll also note the wood’s consistency appears to be a little higher because it’s not packed in large quantities. Expect to pay a little more for this option but then see it as an investment in your woodworking plans.


Landscaping companies and tree service firms often cut down branches (if not whole trees) that could be transformed into the timber you need for your woodwork plans. These firms sometimes chip the debris to produce a saleable commodity. When you are willing to give them a fair price that removes this extra labor phase, you will find an excellent haul waiting for you. The wood will be green, so be sure to follow the cycle of seasoning before starting on your project.


When you’ve got a sawmill near your home, then you’ve got a valuable asset. If you are buying lumber without a retail price drop from suppliers or dealers, the savings can be massive. Typically, the lumber you get from the mill is of superior quality too. Some may even give you a plane if you pay the right price.

Online Providers

There are online businesses that will sell lumber and woodworking tools if you have no local resources to use. Organizations such as Amazon or Woodworkers Source will guarantee your lumber quality, and you can return products that don’t make it through the shipping phase. If you want to have something a little more exotic for your project, like American Black Walnut, it is the best option.

The best available wood and timber items for the plans you want to complete will help you turn an excellent project into a successful one. Use these tools to find the product you need at a price that your budget is keen to make sure you can start woodworking with functional quality pieces today.

What Are The Ways To Get Inspirations In Making Woodworking Projects?

You’ll want to test your skills by building more significant and more complex projects after buying some tools and doing a few simple wood projects. There are many great tools available online, but when you start looking, it can be daunting. Below are a few ideas to find the next plans for the woodworking dream.

Join Woodworkers’ Associations

Woodworkers are everywhere, and usually able to exchange thoughts and plans with like-minded people. Find out the Woodworkers Guild of America local branch. They have a couple of ideas on their website, but it’s best to chat in person with representatives. Look for those that produce podcasts and forums for better learning.

Search Forums

DIY and woodworking blogs tend to provide woodworking plans for their readers. There are popular sites for Lumberjocks, Woodworking Talk, Wood Magazine, WoodNet, Kreg, and Sawmill Creek. Using the search features to narrow down precisely what you are searching for in every section.

Google Search

To scan for PDF files, use Google’s filetype operator. For example, if you’re trying to create a side table, you may want to search for the filetype. Search for Google images to pull up a gallery of pictures and photographs of the type of project you want to create. Typically, each picture leads to a project page of varying power.

Subscribe to Woodworking Magazines

Certain woodworking magazines will help feed your newly found fascination with tool posts, techniques, and woodwork plans. As a subscriber to the magazine, you will have access to their program database on their websites. Modern publications include the Journal of Woodworkers, Fine Woodworking, and Modern Woodworking.

Search Blogs and YouTube

A lot of woodworkers have their blogs or YouTube channels to share their creations. The best YouTube woodworkers make amazing videos, but they also have a full blog post with a list of cutters, equipment, supplies, and instructions. Sign up for your favorite DIYers, many of whom will post weekly tasks. You can look for those that provide free woodworking projects; these can be a great source of inspiration and ideas.

10 Best Places to Find Your Next Woodworking Project

By undertaking your first woodworking project, you have just got a taste of woodworking. Now you want to work on small project ideas for woodworking but lack motivation and also the availability of specific simple ideas for DIY to do.

Are you looking forward to beginning your project? Be sure such errors are not made in excitement. Unlike other posts, you can better understand best woodworking magazines, Facebook accounts, YouTube channels, catalogs, and books here. Those will give you inspiration and ideas.

Best Woodworking Magazines

When looking for some project inspirations for woodworking, you can always start with the basics – magazines. Before the internet became so prevalent for inquiries and searches, magazines have been one of the primary sources of ideas for woodworking and other crafts. So, here are some of the best woodworking magazines that you can try.

1.Fine Woodworking Magazine

The Fine Woodworking magazine in Taunton is one of the most informative magazines on the market. It has several columns of experts that help you learn the unknown information about woodworking. His quality content and woodworking ideas make this magazine very popular.

2.Wood Magazine

The wood magazine is the leading tool in woodworking worldwide. It offers free built-in bookcase or cabinet woodworking plans where Wood magazine with more than 350,000 subscribers provides home and hobby woodworkers. It publishes seven daily issues annually about woodworking for enthusiastic readers.

3.Shop Notes

Shop notes have everything a woodworking person will ever need. For more than 30 years, this magazine has produced reviews and commentaries with a little something for everyone.

4.Popular Woodworking 

Here goes another woodworkers’ guide. It is one of the most read magazines by woodworking enthusiasts, from expert tips to newest woodworking ideas. The magazine has everything for everyone, from woodworking tips to woodworking plans to woodworking projects and woodworking forums.

Best Woodworking Books

When you want to grow into an outstanding woodworking expert, you have to focus on your skills and skill. There can be no better teaching tool than expert books. However, hundreds of woodworking books are on the market, so you have to make a wise choice. So, let us present the best books on woodworking to help you out. These books could give you enough guidance and tips to learn and develop in no time.

5.The Why and How of Woodworking

This book is incredibly realistic, with a large variety of standard pictures and layouts. Moreover, it also has the smallest thing a beginner could ever think of it. Although there’s no easy way to become a woodworking expert overnight, this book offers hidden art secrets that most experts don’t even learn.

6.The Joint Book – Wood Joinery Complete Guide

Every woodworker wishes to have a piece of useful information about how to pick the perfect joint for their woodwork. This particular book is excellent for novices and experts alike. This book also addresses proper instructions for power tools and the use of machines. Even if you’re one of the people dealing with joints, let us tell you this book is a blessing for you. There are well-written directions on more than 70 joints in this volume.

7.Complete Starter Guide to Whittling

It is a woodworking book which is helpful to beginners. The author explained the process of woodworking very clearly here in this book. This book talks about the basic understanding of woodworking and teaches you the different woodworking methods that help you become an expert. The author has described each project with pictorials to perfection. The book holds other exciting tasks, too.

8.The Complete Manual of Woodworking 

The full Woodworking Manual is pretty detailed. It is one of the best books to learn woodwork, with lots of diagrams and pictorials. Interestingly, there are more than 1,800 different sketches, photographs, and diagrams given to inspire the novel.

The best part of this book is direct and straightforward tutorials. The author also discusses the types of woods and tools which make learning woodworking easy for a beginner. This book might be your best friend on your journey of learning woodworking from a beginner to an expert. This book describes every process beautifully from fastening to bonding, to joining and laminating.

Best Woodworking Youtube Channels

Let’s tell you that these excellent woodworkers share their woodwork video and include a full blog post to their viewers with a cut list of tools, supplies, and instructions. You can also learn the art of woodworking by watching videos from confident woodworkers.

9.April Wilkerson

No one is flawless, but April Wilkerson is capable of managing the toughest tasks. On her DIY channel, you can watch her taking a large variety of projects. She just takes the audience along for the ride the way she does. She does it so professionally that while just watching her videos, one can quickly learn woodworking art.

10.Jay Bates’ Jays Custom Creations 

You’ll get to know everything you may need while working on this YouTube channel. The useful workshop projects and hacks and tool tutorials and furniture how-tos will help you make the most of your room. It is a great YouTube channel for beginners to share their ideas about woodworking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Woodworking is a widespread common practice since each country has trees. You can also do it at home, in your garage, and even on your lawn. It’s all about having the right tools and materials to fit the project. Make sure you have enough spaces for the devices where you’ll bring them in. Woodworking is not a matter of where, but when can you begin? Start by looking for some ideas, learn the fundamentals, and keep on practicing.

What Is A Good First Woodworking Project?

Woodworking is not always about difficult and impossible projects. There are so many things that are easy to do, making it ideal for your first woodworking projects. They say, learn how to do a square correctly, and you will do almost any woodworking projects. You can do some simple wall shelves, garden tables, cup holders, and candle holders after learning it. Moreover, you can do a wooden media box, your address number wall planter, and a tablet holder. Start small, but aim big.

What Is The Cheapest Wood To Buy?

Pine is one of the cheapest and most accessible woods to buy in different locations. Other options would be poplar, red oak, and rock maple. The best thing about these kinds of wood is that they offer durability and quality at a price that most woodworkers can afford. It is best to practice your woodworking skills in doing various projects in this type of lumber.

What Is The Strongest Wood To Build With?

The most durable wood to use is the Janka that scales as the hardest wood, lignum vitae measures in at 4,500 pounds-force (lbf). At 2,040 lbf, it is more than twice as hard as Osage orange, one of the hardest domestic trees, and more than three times harder than the 1,290 lbf red oak. Of course, with these great features, it can be expensive as well.

With the right tools, materials, and plan – you can start woodworking anywhere. From small-spaced apartments, free spaces in your home, to your garage, everything is possible. You just have to run your imaginations and build a plan to help you make the most beautiful wooden objects.

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