23 Woodworking Gift Ideas Even Beginners Can Make

Woodcrafts and other wooden items are one of the best gift ideas that you can give to your family, closest friends, and even your partner in life. If you are looking for creative ways to provide a present to your loved ones, try doing these 23 woodworking gift ideas that even beginner can make. 

Some of the most common wooden presents that you can do at home, at a price that you can afford, which includes the following.

  1. Rustic Shelf
  2. Hexagon Shelves
  3. Floating Bookshelf
  4. Shoe Organizer
  5. Wine Rack

Yes, you don’t need to have extensive experience to build these items. Just make sure that you have the materials and essential tools in woodworking. 

23 Woodworking Gift Ideas Even Beginners Can Make

The best thing about woodworking gifts is that it is less expensive than buying it for a store. It may sound like there’s a lot of task to accomplish, but it is worth it seeing the smiles on the person whom you’re going to give the gift. While doing woodworking gifts, you will sweat a lot and get tired after doing a project. However, it is fulfilling to make someone smile and feel that they are unique. So, the next time that you think of a beautiful gift considers these easy woodworking gift ideas.

1.Rustic Shelf For Organized People

If you know someone who loves reading books and magazines, a rustic shelf is a perfect gift. It is also ideal for those who love outdoors. It is effortless and quick to do from all-natural materials. Only cut the branch holders, screw them onto a rack, place them on the wall, and voila! You have a personalized shelf gift. Here are the materials and tools that you need in doing this project.

1×12 shelf4-in-1 screwdriver
24 x 48 x ¾ inch plywoodTape measure
BranchesDrill bit set
2×4 woodCordless drill
Drywall anchorsStepladder



Stud finder

How To Make Rustic Shelf With Natural Branches?

With this simple branch tree branch shelf, you bring a bit of nature into the interior. Look for two forked branches with about 1 inch in diameter, with one relatively straight side to the wall as flush as possible. Then, cut off your branches from a crab apple, but you can also use any smooth-barked tree. Our shelf for our tree branch is 12 inches. You can use any wood that you like, but hold it to at least 12 inches in width.

Build a jig with scrap wood and a 2×4 to make square cuts on the end of the branch. Next, clamp the workbench with the jig. Clip each branch onto the 2×4 to direct the clippers with the bottom edge of the jig. Cut the branches where the ends are sufficiently wide to support the racks. It should be near the wall and the other right at the edge.

Clamp the branch shelf of the tree onto the jig and follow the branch. Pilot holes dig at the edge of the shelf so that the end of the screw does not pick up the branch. Bore holes for the top of the rack with countersink heads. Then, screw the branches to the shelf. In doing rustic shelves, it is all about getting the right branches, cutting with accuracy, drilling holes, and assembling.

2.Hexagon Shelves For Your Artistic Friends

Hexagon shelves are almost the same with rustic shelves, except that it is, well, hexagon. It is one of the most popular DIY projects that even beginners can do due to its exciting design and various norms. You don’t need branches for this project, just pieces of wood with the same sizes. Create these modern shelves and add some storage to the living room. 

You can use 2×4 redwood for more depth and thickness, but any size and type of wood you prefer is beautiful. Red oak is a sturdy and heavy wood that performs well, but it may require some patience due to its durability and complicated grains. Here are the materials that you’re going to need. 

4’ of 2×6 lumber (one shelf)Saw
Painter’s tape
Wood glue

How To Make Hexagon Shelves?

This design requires a little bit of mathematics. The internal angle of an asymmetrical hexagon is 120 degrees is 60 degrees. A 30-degree angle balances it. You have to set your saw to that angle. You can use a digital corner finder, for accurately measuring measurements. Cross one end for the initial angle of the board. Place a stop at 7 in with a clamp, or screw the block onto a temporary fence.

Boards can be very complicated and challenging to fasten together with conventional clamps. In these cases, you can use a painter’s tape. It is easy to remove and has little effect on the wood but retains enough to accomplish the job. Tape the panels with the touching sharp end grains. Make sure the shelf fits and the angles of the shelf are good.

Clean the finishing grain of the plates and spread the glue through the edges. Fold up the assembly with a few more tape. Let it dry and add to your favorite finish. You can use a board filler to fill gaps.

3.Floating Bookshelves For Thos Who Have Small Rooms

 Aside from being visually appealing, this project is simple to build. It requires minimal material and some basic tools and equipment. It is another way to be more creative in giving gifts to your loved ones, especially to those who are bookworms.

1 ¼ inch 18-gauge brad nails1 ¼ inch Forstner bit
½ inch plywood18-gauge brad nailer
½ inch Construction screwsCircular saw
2 inches castersDrill
Wood glueJigsaw

4.Organizing Stacking Totes

Give it as a gift to your nephews, nieces, and even to your friends who have kids. These stacking totes will help them hide a lot of clutter while keeping accessible storage for all their toys and other stuff. 

1 ½ inch FH Screws⅜ inch plug cutter
2×6 oak (or other wood that you prefer)Clamps



How To Make Stacking Totes?

Build stacking totes from ½-inch birch veneer plywood, and make sure that each tote fits snugly interlock with one another. You can also cut all five parts of a single sheet of plywood, depending on the size you prefer. Then, sand all the edges smoothly. Once done, you can stick together the totes with the 18-gauge brad nails. 

Fill the nail holes with a wood filler or surface compound. It is up to you whether you will apply a stain or paint, or leave it unfinished. Just make sure to use an oil-based primer and a topcoat for if you’re going to paint it to add more durability. 

5.Shoe Organizer For Sneaker Lover

For your friend or family member who collects sneakers, a customed show organizer is a perfect gift. Aside from being useful, you can also add personal touches to make it a beautiful piece of design. This easy storage rack can hold anything from winter boots to summer sandals, with no build-up of mud or scuff marks on the ground.

1 ⅝ inches screws4-in-1 screwdriver
1×3 wood and 1×4 woodClamps
3-inch screws for attaching to a wallCordless drill
⅝ inch dowelsCountersink drill bit
Wood glueLevel

Miter saw

Tape measure

How To Make Shoe Organizer?

Without continuous attention, the shoes appear to pile up in a mess next to the entrance step. Untangle the mess with a simple, attractive shoe ladder that will keep everything organized from slippers to other kinds of footwear. Cut and drill the holders of the dowel, then screw them to 1x4s wood.   

Split the 1x4s to fit your shoes and the space available. Nail or stick the dowels to the dowel holder, leaving 2 inches or more so that it stretches beyond the brackets at the end to hang sandals or slippers. Apply the finish before you put the shoe ladder on the wall. Screw the shoe ladder to the studs or use heavy-duty toggle-bolt anchors to hold it in place.

6.Space Saving Wine Rack

There’s a lot of available space under a lot of top kitchen cabinets, and it’s the perfect place to store your favorite vintages. This easy-to-build wine rack includes only two 1x4s of the length of the sub-cabinet bay and a 3/4-inch strip. Your master chef friend is going to love it.

Tools Required:

  • 1-1/2-in. drum sander
  • 3-1/8-in. hole saw
  • Any kind of saw
  • Clamps
  • Drill

You can use any of the bays under the upper cabinets that you like. The larger the bay, the more wine you can store. Most cabinets have a 3/4-inch deep lip that covers each bay to cover the plywood. If you’ve got rims that are more extensive than 3/4 inches, shim down the plywood. Use thinner plywood if the lips are shallower.

This wine rack holds the most common bottle diameters, but not all kinds. If you know someone who is a serious wine collector, this is the perfect gift. Just make sure to measure the diameters of the bottles in his or her collection. Choose a hole saw at least 1/8 inches. It’s bigger than the biggest bottle. If you need to drill holes larger than 3-1/8 inches, replace 1x6s with 1x4s wood.

Other Affordable Woodworking Gift Ideas

Let’s find out the other gift presents made from wood that you can easily to at home. Best of all, you don’t have to expend too much on the material. For as long as you know how to draw a plan, create a design, cut, and assemble – you’re good to go.

7.Laptop Computer Stand For Geeks

Give the best gift to your ‘techy’ friend, or a family member who is traveling relative. Laptop computers have unmatched portability, but they lack in ergonomics. A good laptop stand helps, but it can be expensive and cumbersome, especially in most stores. So, a customed laptop stand comes in handy, and you can save twice the amount of what you would pay in most shops. Instead, you can make your collapsible stand to a very portable size.

8.Sofa Arm Tray Table For Morning Persons

For a friend who loves reading newspapers in the morning while drinking coffee, a sofa arm tray is one of the best gifts that you can five. It is essential, especially for those who don’t own a side table. Just make sure to create something versatile enough to sit on any sofa or chair arms. Help your friend keep his readings, coffee, and electronics near him or her with this very basic tray.

9.Industrial Serving Tray For Creative Peeps

When urban pioneers started to turn old warehouses and works into living spaces and offices, the industrial design of wooden trays became very popular. Characterized by exposed bricks and pipes, weathered wood and a functional atmosphere, it has transcended architecture, inspired furniture, light fixtures, graphic design, and even fashion. So, start building a friend’s serving tray to add a part of this style to their home.

10.End Grain Coasters For Someone Who Loves Cooking

These end-grain coasters are fun because of the endless designs that you can create, which make them great gifts. You can even use different scraps of wood to make this project happen. End Grain Coasters are great for cooks, chefs, and even coffee drinkers. Give a gift to your unique individual that they can use and satisfy the eye.

11.Wine Box To Wine Connoisseur 

Your friend, who is a wine connoisseur, will definitely love receiving a customed wine box. Instead of handing over the bottle, why not put the wine itself with a special box for wine? This project is simple and very versatile to make. Regardless of the kind of wood that you’re going to use, you can design a beautiful wine glass within an hour. If you have some extra plywood lying around your garage, then you can start measuring the ideal size for the wine’s bottle.

12.Dog Bowl Stand For Pet Parents

This gift idea is a great way to improve your pocket hole skills while keeping your pet-lover friend happy. All the tools, equipment, and materials that you need are simple. You can change the dimensions depending on the size of your friend’s dog and its food and water bowl. So, for as long as you know the size of the pooch, and you have all the materials on hand, you can always start making this present.

13.Industrial Bookends For Bookworms

Books are an easy way to divide space and make any bookcase more characteristic. These industrial books are simple to build. You only the right materials and a saw with a sharp edge. Customize it with various wood finish, stain, or even paint species to your tastes. 

14.Contemporary Key Hanger For Your Busy Folks

Create this smart, contrasting wooden hanger within an hour. You can customize it so that each set of keys has a small fob between the spacers. You need not much material, and it will still hang on your friend’s wall with functionality and style. Splurge into some lovely wood and create it.

15.Pour Over Coffee Maker For Coffe Lovers

This non-electrical coffee-maker shows how easy it to brew fresh coffee on-site coffee. Plus, your recipient can fill both regular and travel-size mugs. You can create one yourself and give it to your favorite coffee buddy. You can do it with the easy plans, and design it depending on your friends’ preference.

16.Wooden Cedar Bath Mat 

Keep your friends and family members safe, even when bathing. Give them a wooden cedar bath mat to prevent accidental slips. We know how much slippery it could get after spending some time in the bathtub filled with soap and bubbles. Plus, you can make personalized by putting your recipients’ names and initials.

17.Taco Holder For Party Hosts

Tacos are one of those finger foods that we often see in most parties. It is easy to create and easy to eat. So, if you know someone who loves hosting parties, and loves making tacos, this Taco Holder is a perfect gift. All that you need in making these fantastic holders are just a few materials and some basic tools. Whether a big party or just a weekly dinner for your mates, it will definitely encourage conversation and compliments.

18.Simple Picture Frames For Your Loved Ones

You can make wooden frames quickly and easily. Give your special someone customed frames with personalized decoration, details, and decoration. It is excellent for those who already love to hang pictures on their walls.

19.Wearables For Your Artist Folks

It is an excellent idea to make something for your lover that your loved one can wear. You will be loved by the person who wears it, and you will remember when they wear it. The truth is that this item will have a long life. Durability is so incredible that you have a long neck or something you can do for your beloved. In fact, this gift is one of their favorites, and you can keep this memory with you for a long time.

20.Wood signs for Your Business-Minded Friends

Expressing your love for your friend or family, written in any form, is always unique. It is the power that a big piece of wood with letters can create. The best place to compose a piece of love by far than in the sheet of wood. 

You will hold them for a very long time and not think about their failure and fading. It’s the pure power of wood. It is why people tend to use wood when something powerful and sturdy. You can make wood signages to your friends who restaurants and other stores. 

21.Pencil Holders For Every Artist

You ought to include the pencil holder in your designs, an artist, or someone who plays with pencils. It is a simple project, which will cost you a few minutes when the right instruments are available.

22.Wooden Mirror To Those Who Are Vain

Make your friend’s sink more beautiful with a wooden mirror. It is also simple to create, and you can paint the wood to bring out the beautiful wood made out of it. You can give it as a present to your vain friends, and those who work as makeup artists.

23.Wooden Flash Drive

It may sound complicated, but it is not. The wooden USB drive is one of the most straightforward projects. You just need to stain the wood in the correct form and insert the USD drive. Give it to someone you know who’s always on-the-go, and needs to keep his or her files safely.


When it comes to giving gifts, there are no rules for as long as it comes from your heart. The receiver of your present would feel delighted if you build it with your hands. So, next time you think of offering something unique and special, try those woodworking gift ideas from our list. Whether you have experience in woodworking or none, any beginner and starter can do it perfectly.

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