20 Quick and Easy Woodworking Projects for Teens

If you are a parent who loves woodworking, and you want to share it with your teenager, or if you are a teen who wants to try this activity, here are some quick and easy projects that anyone can try. Apart from being stylish, these woodworking tasks are also functional. So, let us share with you 20 quick and easy woodworking for teens that require little experience and basic tools. Creativity and imagination are the only limits.

Even a teenager can do a bunch of wooden projects, whether for home decorations, small furniture, storage, and other wooden accessories and gifts. Best of all, you don’t have to buy expensive tools and materials. If you have a kid who just entered the teenage world, here are some projects that he or she can do without complete workshop experience and beginner’s skills. 

If you are a teen, a high schooler, or a parent who wants to teach your son or daughter new things, here are some woodworking projects that you can learn. The projects listed below do not require a lot of specialized equipment. Basic devices such as hammers, nails, hand drills, screws, measuring tape, and sandpaper would suffice. 

Woodworking For Teenagers

The projects that we included in this article may be easy, but it still requires wearing protective equipment such as eye protection and gloves. You can also invest in some power tools like a jigsaw and drills. Teens will appreciate it more if they have more control over the designs and space in the working station. So, if you’re a parent reading this, make sure to watch over and ensure that your child is far from any injury and accidents.

20 Quick and Easy Woodworking Projects for Teens 

Teenage is the phase where children learn who they are and what they want to do in the world. Therefore, self-expression is an essential activity for them to take part in. The ability to design and customize their projects is a crucial part of the process.

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Still, it is the best time to explore making changes to personal touch designs. Build up a diverse collection of paintings, stains, and finishes to make their finished product a work of art that expresses one’s personality.

1.Wooden Chopping Boards

Do you love cooking? Why don’t you start creating your personalized wooden chopping boards? Cutting boards are essential to our daily lives. It’s where you cut the ingredients that you’re going to eat. Build it so special that you’ll continue to use it while cutting, peeling, and chopping. Make sure you use a durable and water-resistant wood adhesive. 

Keep your board out of the dishwasher, or it can fall apart. Moreover, hold the wood as much as possible in the glue-up to avoid sanding afterwards. Don’t be afraid to add some personalized shapes and sizes on your chopping board for as long as you’d be able to utilize it.

2.Get Organized With Wooden Shoe Organizer

Do you love collecting shoes? Why not express your passion for it by building a rack for your sneakers? Make sure that you use materials that can handle dirt, dust, and wet. Otherwise, it won’t last longer than your shoes. Design your shoe organizer, depending on your taste. Then put it outside your home or inside your bedroom. 

3.Wooden Chairs And Stools

Whether it is for dining, living, or study chairs, build one that is so comfortable to use. You can even make one outdoor chair where you can get sun-kissed while playing your guitar, or watch the sunset with a cup of chocolate. It can be an effortless seat that you can assemble in a few hours, even when you’re a beginner woodworker. So, be like a professional furniture maker and unleash your creativity in making chairs and stools.

You can try searching for some designs through the internet, and other inspirations. Then, start listing down the materials that you need. Don’t forget to create a plan and design drawings. Finally, search and buy the necessary materials. In the beginning, you don’t have to be fancy. Feel free to build a sturdy and colorless chair that you can use anytime you want.

4.Wooden Magazine Rack

Do you love reading magazines? Or do you enjoy looking at pictures of homes because you want to take architecture in college? Well, say goodbye to those scattered magazines. With simple tools and some wood, you can create your customer wooden magazine rack with style. If you want a fantastic method to record magazines and other essential newspapers, build a simple wood storage container. 

5.Wooden Wall Planter

If gardening is your game, it is now your chance to build a wooden wall planter. A house just would not feel the same with no crops. So, create a wall planter that is delicate, comfy, and large enough for various plants and some flowers. You can use it as a decor to your room, or save some space in your garden. 

A wall planter created with counter-intuitive wooden pallets will match any design. You can save a lot of time by visiting the regional craft shop to find something comparable or to use old wooden boxes. Then, you can utilize it and put some final touches to make it look like a wooden wall plant box.

6.Cookbook Stand

Here’s another woodworking project for aspiring chefs and cooks that every teenager can do. If you are a cooking enthusiast but tired of having your cookbook pages filthy during food prep, then this cookbook stand comes to the rescue. Not only can it be fitting to get a cookbook, but you may also use it as a tablet computer stand. So, you can watch cooking videos from Youtube readily.

It is just another budget-friendly woodworking project, which you can construct from reclaimed timber. It is better if you, by chance, have some wood pieces lying around your home. It is also possible to alter the angle and size of the stand, depending on your personal preference. Even if you don’t have a great deal of experience under your belt, this task is easy enough for beginners.

7.Reclaimed Serving Tray

Partner your wooden chopping board with a reclaimed serving tray. Imagine how you can surprise your partner on the weekend by bringing breakfast to bed onto a serving tray you created. This DIY serving tray could be the most straightforward job within this listing, yet it is among the most sensible ones. You can build this specific tray may come from reclaimed wood, and it is straightforward to do. 

Just make sure to secure every joint and sand the surface to avoid scratching it to your skin. The best thing about reclaimed serving trays is that it is timeless. Compared to plastic materials, wooden trays never get old. So, whether you serve water to your family or other guests, do it with style.

8.Wooden Glass Holder For Sofas

If you have been looking for simple, easy, and beautiful woodworking projects, this task may be the right one. It is suitable if you are drinking your beverage while working on your sofa. Just put it on the edge of the armrest, and you already have stable support for your drinks and snacks. You can even put your popcorn on it while studying or watching a movie.

Like the previous projects, you don’t need to buy expensive tools and materials for this project. All you need is the right measurement of your sofa’s armrest to make sure that it would match the wooden glass holder. More importantly, ensure that it is durable to hold at least two glasses of water.

9.Bird Feeder

For bird lovers out there, your teenage years are the best times to build your personalized bird feeder. These are usually the initial projects that you can undertake when you begin using woodworking. It is easy and practical. You don’t need the entire summer to do it, because you can finish this job over the weekend. 

You just need a couple of wood, wood tint, screws, and some fundamental tools. Cedar is ideal for this task because of its incredible durability. For extra protection, you can choose a natural finish, depending on your preference. 

10.Oversized Tic-Tac-Toe

As you enter teenage, you can also upgrade your tic-tac-toe games. Not only is the game enjoyable, but it is also ideal for a Christmas gift. You can either shape pieces of wood into cubes or just buy pre-shaped materials. Then, you will simply paint it with ‘X’ and ‘O’ – the usual signs of tic-tac-toe. With some wood stain, sanding, and color, you will be all set. If you create several sets at the same time, one tray of these cubes will cost you less than $10.

11.Candle Holder

This rustic candle holder functions incredibly as a centerpiece, particularly during holidays. Imagine that stunning candle holder onto the table with Christmas decorations. You should not fret about the candles matching the holes well. You’re free to create your personalized candle holders for your bedroom, living area, and even for a bath. You can also custom it for a perfect candlelight dinner. 

It may sound simple, but you need to be precise with it since it involves circles. Moreover, you have to make sure that you smoothen every hole. More importantly, make sure that the flame from the candle or even the heat will not affect the wood. Otherwise, it may burn the material and also cause a destructive fire.

12.Pet Bed

If you can’t think of any woodworking projects, to begin with, why not start making a bed for your pet? Whether you own a dog or a cat, you can quickly assemble a comfy pet bed made from essential tools like a drill, a jigsaw, hammer, and other measuring tools. For the main frame, you can even use plywood. Make sure to determine the size of your dog, and leave some spaces so that your four-legged friend can move freely. Once done, you can just buy a mattress and a comfortable pillow. 

13.Pencil Holder

Build a wooden pencil holder that you can use to place all your writing instruments at home. Not only is it sensible, but it looks good on the desk. Design your study table with rustic themes, and add some meaning and functionality into it. You can start with a 4×4 garbage wood, which you can easily find at your home. Then, you can borrow a hand-held drill to bore holes. The number of holes depends on the size of your wood. The same thing for the number of pencils that you want to put.

14.Rustic Picture Frame

Do you enjoy taking pictures and printing them out? If so, why don’t you put it on rustic picture frames to add some style? This project features reclaimed timber, providing the ideal rustic and homey appearance to the picture frame. It may not be the most straightforward job within this listing, but if you already have any expertise with timber cutting edge and joinery. It will not be any hassle in any way. 

There is no rationale to throw old timber; instead, it is possible to use it to get this nifty job. It may be a terrific job for optimizing your woodworking abilities as a newcomer. The final result is fantastic, and regardless of the reclaimed timber, it looks expensive and aesthetic.

15.Wooden Desk Organizer

Do you have a desk that is just like a maze because it is full of papers, files, pens, phone chargers, and other stuff? Then, you need a wooden desk organizer. All you need are wood, measuring tools, marking knives, sandpaper, wood glue, and some paint. 

The size depends on how much stuff you want to put in your organizer. This wooden desk organizer project has room for full-size sheets of paper, business cards, and a few different size notes or utensils.

16.Wooden Clothes Rack

If you are about minimalism and also you do not wish your garments in a large bulky cupboard, you need to think about building a super simple clothes rack. You can utilize untreated pine and make the wooden bits smartly and straightforwardly.

It is particularly handy when you want to hang your favorite clothing in style, without digging through the cupboard every time. Moreover, you may do the job flawlessly for hanging out your accessories for as long as you draw better plans.

17.Bedside Tables

If you are always struggling with organizing your bedroom, then that is the go-to weekend job. Though slightly more complicated than other endeavors in our list, you may still be able to pull beautiful bedside tables. Construction of this woodworking project does not take a lot of time, which means that it is easy to build for as long as you put effort and focus into it.

Draw your design, make accurate plans, and stick to the programs you create. The result will be breathtaking and very striking. You can start with a straight nightstand for a more straightforward process. Don’t worry about the cabinets; just focus on the fundamental steps. Once you understand the learning curve, you can start upgrading your projects.

18.Wooden Tree Swings

Do you live in a place with surrounding trees? Why not create wooden tree swings? Perfect for relaxation, breathing fresh air, and contemplating with the environment. It may be one of the most complicated tasks for beginners, but you can do wooden tree swings. Just make sure to get the right items and accurate measurements. Moreover, build it with durability so that you won’t fall on the ground every time you sit on it. 

19.Speech Number Wall Planter

Beautify not just the interior of your wall, but as well as the exterior with speech number wall planters. This wooden number planter comes with a booing style that can also bring appeal to your home. 

20.Wooden Frame Of A Flash Drive

For computer science students who want to do something new with their flash drives. Why not replace the usual plastic frame with unique wood? It is very easy to do, and it also requires a small piece of wood and other materials.

Make Sure Of Your Safety

Even though teens can do woodworking more independently than younger age groups, especially if they have previous experience, you will still want to stress the importance of safety and supervision. You’re lucky if you have taken some kind of woodworking classes at school. 

You are likely to have a basic understanding of safety measures and how tools work. However, it never hurts to practice caution and re-examine everything while working. More importantly, always read guides and instructions. Finally, don’t forget to wear safety protective equipment. Find out more wooden projects that will help you earn money.


There are some woodworking projects that you can do if you’re a student, a high school teacher, or a parent who wants to teach new things to your son or daughter. The projects mentioned in our list do not require a great deal of specialized equipment. Simple tools such as hammers, nails, hand drills, screws, measuring tape, and sandpaper will be necessary.

Any teenager can do a lot of wooden projects, whether it’s for interior decoration, small furniture, storage, and other wooden accessories and gifts. You don’t need to purchase costly equipment or materials. Regardless of the woodworking project that you want to make, make sure that your working environment is safe. Know how to use and store your sharp-edged tools correctly.

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