13 Cool Woodworking Gadgets you Should Own

13 Cool Woodworking Gadgets you Should Own

When it comes to woodworking, there are different gadgets that you can use to make your work easier and more accurate. Even in the life of woodworkers, the digital and electronic age has been beneficial and efficient in so many ways. We understand that some woodworking tasks are a little bit complicated, so here is our list of the 13 cool woodworking gadgets you should own.

Digital devices have been a huge part of our daily lives – from smartphones to laptops. Even in woodworking, some reliable gadgets can help you create the most beautiful project. Here are the top 5 woodworking devices that every woodworker must have in his or her workshop.

  1. Digital Fractional Calipers
  2. Digital Planer Read Out
  3. Fractional Calculator
  4. Woodshop Calculator Software
  5. Wood Moisture Meters

As a woodworker, you should be able to cope up with the changes in modern technology. It is essential, especially if you are in business and you always have to put your best foot on the competition. Aside from making our lives easier, these devices will also help as faster and more accurate. If you want to know more about woodworking gadgets that you should own, keep on reading. 

13 Cool Woodworking Gadgets you Should Own

Step up your skills as a woodworker with ease through these cool woodworking gadgets that you must have in your arsenal. As a woodworker, you must be very versatile in accepting developments and changes when it comes to different tools and gadgets that can help you. Open your mind with greater possibilities and more accurate results with these woodworking gadgets.

1.Digital Fractional Calipers 

Digital Fractional Calipers are a perfect way to test your wood and make sure that you get it correctly. You don’t have to hold a 1-inch mark on the edge anymore because you don’t trust the tape measure’s tip. You can use these Digital Fractional Calipers to check the thickness of the material, the diameter of the drill bit, and the depth of the hole. These calculators allow you to measure both decimal and fractional inches as well as millimeters. However, Digital Fractional Calipers that are not fractional will read only one-thousandth of an inch. So, you will continuously convert to fractions, which is no fun at all.

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2.Digital Planer Read Out

It’s an add-on that you can put on a variety of different portable planers. This tool will certainly make it easier for you to use it. No more guessing, just check your thickness. Then, set the plane to a little less, and you can start doing your project. If you’re trying to reach a specific thickness, Digital Planer Read Out will provide you with the exact depth of your plane’s material.

3.Fractional Calculator 

Whether you’re good at math or not, this calculator can easily insert fractions and perform all basic math functions. You can work in yards, feet, inches, or metrics. It also has a bunch of built-in features, including board legs. We know you love mathematics and its other complicated operations. For the sake of accuracy, fractional calculators come in handy.

4.Woodshop Calculator

In addition to your fractional calculator, a woodshop calculator will allow you to calculate door sizes, board feet, and wainscoting. There are a few manufacturers that offer this gadget, but it is already available as software that you can run on your computer. The software version includes rail and stile width, tongue length, overlay amount, and opening size. For short, it has everything that you have to know when it comes to dimensions. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily understand how a woodshop calculator works. 

5.Wood Moisture Meters 

If you’d like your wood creations to enjoy a long life, you have to care for the wood right. Hence, a Wood Moisture Meter comes in handy. As a hygroscopic substance, the longevity of this wood’s physical integrity and aesthetic quality depends on your understanding of the wood’s moisture state when you want to get started working together.

Whether you’re creating a building, laying down a ground, or crafting furniture, there are wood moisture levels. You can use a moisture meter for greater accuracy, depending on the quality and brand of the timber moisture meter used. A superb moisture meter can be accurate within 0.1 percent of the wood’s moisture content. On the other hand, lower-grade humidity meters aren’t exact as numbers are changing and misleading.

  • Pinless Moisture – This operates using a sensor pad employed in contact with the wood surface, but does not physically break or damage the surface to have a reading. Pinless moisture meters usually provide the capacity to measure moisture content from the surface down to .25 inch or deep depth measurements to .75 inch.
  • Pin-Type Moisture – It typically has two metal hooks that need to penetrate the timber surface to have a moisture reading physically. In-type meters operate with resistance technology using probes, or “pins,” inserted into the timber. Pin meters operate an electric current between the two pins. The quantity of resistance discovered in the current as it moves between the hooks is a sign of the wood’s moisture condition.


If you’re someone who seeks perfection in every project, working on a computer or a laptop adds more efficiency. Some software will help you boost your productivity and efficiency with the results of your projects. With the introduction of technology, it introduced so many applications to help separate businesses. 

  • SketchUp – SketchUp is a 3D design program that’s user-friendly and rich in features. Although it isn’t a dedicated program for designing furniture, it is excellent for various tasks. One of the very best things about this software is that it’s relatively small but fully featured. SketchUp also includes a sizeable 3D library to design your furnishings. You can even export 3D models in various formats, such as CAD or 3DS, formerly created.
  • SketchList 3D – SketchList 3D is a software intended for each kind of furniture design you want. Being a program design, a woodworker or designer has got everything required to design the right furnishings. The main attributes of this SketchList are the ease of operation, comprehensive article, videos showing how to use and tricks of this software. Their characteristics include drag & drop objects, alignment tools, one-click curtains, one-click joints, drill hole emulation, wood types, customized material, etc.
  • Pro100 – Create reports such as cultist, cabinet listing, work pricing. You can use this software to create virtual reality configurations, custom designs, and demonstrations in the production or business software. This software allows you to design, construct quickly, and gauge work prices based upon the style of the doorway, wood or material, kitchen layout, cabinets, or type of completing.

7.Hearing Protection

When using power tools, it can cause loud noises that are painful to the ear. Hence, hearing protection is essential. You can buy wireless headphones with noise cancellation. This way, you can play music while working. At the same time, it blocks the loud noise that comes from power tools. Make sure to buy high-quality Bluetooth headphones so that you won’t have to deal with cords.

8.Center Line Scriber

Center Line Scribers are usually from high-quality ABS plastic to offer anti-corrosion, anti-fall, and flame retardant features. Even if you are a beginner, you’ll be happy to know that it is easy to use. It avoids inaccurate measurements while eliminating errors in calculations. All you have to do is to drag the center line gauge gently on your material. Then, set the width, voila! You already know where is the center part. All you need is to insert a pencil to mark it.

9.Angle Finder

Digital protractor has a lock and drawbacks angle capabilities, making all types of work fast and straightforward. The hinge mechanism onto the angle principle enables a complete 360-degrees to measure inside reverse and outside angles.

You can utilize angle finder applications and protractors in a variety of unique settings. They offer a great solution to finding precision angles and degrees of this bend with ease. You’ll find stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and Lexan indicators in a range of different dimensions, both rotational and electronic.

10.Laser Measure Tape

Laser tape measures are other options for traditional metal tape measures. Through this device, you can utilize it to compute lengths, widths, and heights of up to about 650 feet or 198 meters. However, woodworkers can easily use laser tape measures around the home, too. The process is comparable to using a conventional tape measure, except you use a laser beam rather than tape. 

To utilize a laser tape measure, you place the apparatus on one end of what you wish to measure and then aim the laser beam to hit an object at the other end. Once you have the laser at the right spot, press the button, and the tape measure calculates the space and displays it on its display.

You can do the calculation through precision optics and laser physics employing the phase-shift procedure. A laser strikes an object and contrasts its manifestation with the beam delivered out or using the time-of-flight method. Some laser tape measures let you measure numerous spaces and insert them together mechanically.

Laser tape measures usually are quicker to use than conventional ones, and you also prevent the inaccuracies which may be brought on by a twisted or sagging tape step. Plus, it’s easier to see a digital display of the measurement than to count small lines on a tape measure. Laser tape steps also remove the complications of measuring high ceilings and other hard-to-reach spaces.

11.Digital Protractor

With combination square places, bevel protractors, and protractors, and depth gauges, it’s possible to buy digital protractors and other angle indicators. Some Digital Protractors resemble a little box in a layout that you have to put on top of a surface to ascertain its angle. Moreover, it is a type of protractor which measures the angle without the user having to read it by a scale.

These protractors have a digital display that shows the angle on the screen. An electronic angle gauge with three buttons – the on and off, grip, and zero. Some of these resemble a bevel protractor, but other kinds of electronic protractor do exist.

12.Digital Electronic Level

You can use a Digital Electronic Level in many ways. It is a tool that allows you to perform intricate leveling work, automated elevation calculations, and basic construction work. You can measure anything from 0 to 180-degree dimension ranges. Hence, this gadget helps in easing multiple and varied applications.

This Digital Angle Gauge and Level can measure or set angles. Moreover, it helps check relative angles or utilize it as a digital level. It also has a high visibility inverse comparison display to improve visibility in dimly lit work environments.

13.Rotary Tools

Rotary tools can accept many different attachments, which empower the handheld tool for sanding, polishing, carving, and more. A rotary instrument is a handheld power tool with a rotating tip that takes a variety of attachments for various tasks. Its compact size, versatility, and high speed make it an appealing alternative to big, bulky power tools.

  • Sanding Drums – You can connect it to the rotary instrument for carving and sanding bevels. Place the rotary tool’s rate at medium when using a sanding drum.
  • Polishing Bits – You can place the polishing bits to a rotary tool to add glow to metal surfaces. Apply a small amount of wax into the piece before turning the instrument on at moderate speed.
  • Carbide Bits – Use this on your rotary tool if you are into etching or carving.
  • Wire Wheels – These are useful in removing rust from metal. When using a wire wheel, set the tool at high speed.

Tips When Buying A Woodworking Gadget

If you have been searching for a woodworking gadget or you want to buy a new one, there are some considerations that you have to pus aside. Contrary to its manual tools, woodworking gadgets will give you the right measurement through its digital screen. Some have an automatic mechanism so that you don’t have to apply so much force. 

Whether you are doing DIY projects, or items to sell, these modern woodworking devices will give you high accuracy and greater precision. However, there are a bunch of scams out there. To avoid wasting your time and money, here are some qualities that you should look for when buying different woodworking gadgets.

Tip #1 – Easy to See Digital Screen

If you are going to purchase a woodworking gadget. Then, make sure to get one that comes with an easy to read LED that allows you to see what your measurements are convenient. It will save you time and hassle, particularly if you’re busy managing complex projects. Some versions either have LCDs or LED displays that are easy to read both day and night time. As well as their visibility is much superior to traditional digital angle finder screens.

Tip #2 – Great Accuracy

If you require a particular measurement of an angle, high accuracy should always be your priority. In fact, it is the primary reason why you would want to buy woodworking gadgets in the first place. Without accuracy and precision, then these devices would be useless at all. Before buying, make sure to read reviews and, as much as possible, test it on the store.

Tip #3 – Battery Life & Memory Storage

Additionally, seek models that include auto-off functionality to conserve battery life. There would be several situations where you won’t need the woodworking gadget. However, you would also forget to turn it off. The auto-off feature will allow the gadget to wind down and maintain battery life. Lastly, the perfect woodworking digital device will have a good memory work for procuring angles. It will allow you to protect against the endeavor of re-measuring angles over and over again. 

Tip #4 – Additional Features

Some critical components are quite handy if they’re present in electronic woodworking gadgets. You can search for a model that includes a locking highlight that lets you lock arms in the angle that you would like to measure. It helps in conditions where the arms can not get straightened, and you’d need to keep the arms set up, which is not conceivable in many instances. Moreover, you can look for water-resistant woodworking gadgets that you can use even outdoors.

Tip #5 – Durability

Finally, make sure that you invest in a high-quality woodworking gadget that you can use for a long time. Always check materials used in producing such devices. Changes are functional for as long as they would offer you benefits in improving and honing your skills. Don’t be afraid to embrace woodworking gadgets in your woodshop if it makes you a better woodworker.

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