10 Woodworking Projects that Make Money

10 Woodworking Projects that Make Money

Woodworking is an excellent source of income and a great career. Some people may belittle it, but don’t underestimate what a woodworker can do. With the perfect project plan and accurate tools, you’d be able to create woodworking projects that can make money. Remember, it’s all about creating useful and beautiful objects, marketing to the right audience, and having the confidence to sell it.

For starters, if you doubt that woodworking will make you earn money, the simple answer is yes. For as long as you provide quality over quantity. Moreover, make sure that you offer solutions to your target market. In this article, we will be discussing the most profitable woodworking projects that you can do to earn some cash. Moreover, we will also help you with how you can sell it successfully to your target market.

10 Woodworking Projects that Make Money

Building beautiful and hand-crafted wood items is a rewarding way to make money. Just like other forms of arts and crafts, some woodworking creations will give you profit. So, let’s take a look at some of the woodworking projects that will allow you to earn some cash. Turn your hobby into a profitable business while providing solutions and answers to people.

1.Coat Racks

You can create and sell wooden racks, especially in winter and cold seasons. Make a beautiful yet functional design that will add rustic and aesthetic features on the wall of any home. Moreover, these home accessories are easy to construct. In fact, it only requires little pieces of wood, nails, and wrought iron hangers. Draw an appealing design, and you can make the items super-profitable woodworking projects.

2.Picture Frames

Wooden frames are quick and straightforward to do. You can do customized frames with unique decorations, hue, and embellishment. Wood frames will always be on-demand and cost-effective to make. Hence, it is a profitable woodwork operation that you can invest in. It is perfect for those who still love pictures and hang them on their walls.

3.Plant Boxes

Target gardeners with your custom plant boxes. Wood is an excellent material for sturdy and eye-catching plant boxes, which make a great addition to verandas, patios, gardens, and even indoors. These simple-to-make and sought-after items are one of the cheapest and most profitable woodworking ventures that you can do if you are a beginner.

4.Fruit Bowls

Fruit bowls are readily available in almost every residence. So, why not provide an eye-catching and useful feature in kitchens and dining rooms? These household accessories look even more striking when made of real wood. These are in demand, especially before the new year.


If you own birds as your pets, then you will relate to this woodworking project. Birdhouses look stunning when they’re from high-quality wood. You can start using redwood, cedar, pine or cypress together. You can create different styles and sizes of birdhouses for different breeds. For example, you can do a single-entry birdhouse for love birds. Draw out your plan, execute it, and you’re going to have an attractive bird-enthusiast product to buy from you.

6.Coffee Cup Racks

Just like coat racks, coffee cup racks are suitable for coffee lovers. You can even sell it to those who are starting their coffee shops. These projects are straightforward wooden items that you can make even with fundamental woodworking tools. These desirable kitchen items don’t take long to make, and it is cheap. You can buy affordable, high-quality materials and add the overhead cost, which will be a profitable woodworking project.

7.Dog Beds

For dog owners looking for an alternative to plastic beds, wooden beds may prove appealing. These durable, comfy, and alluring dog beds are not difficult or expensive to build, and you already have an underserved market since most only create those foam beds for their pooch. 

8.Rustic Headboards

Bring your creative woodworking skills and aesthetic tastes when creating these rustic headboards. Such furniture makes an excellent addition to the bedroom and will always be in demand, making it a lucrative woodwork project that you can sell. However, take note that it may require some experience and more advanced skills to create it.

9.Wine Racks

Wine racks made of wood are not only durable but also they look great at home. These valuable woodworking items are neither costly nor tough to create. Moreover, you can sell it for an excellent profit to wine lovers who love looking at their wine bottles at eye-catching and efficient storage.

10.Wooden Storage Bed

Storage beds are trendy with home homeowners in need of practical space solutions. You can use this opportunity to make stylized headboards with wooden storage beds. You can sell them to individual homeowners – or partner with a significantly bigger furniture store.

Other Trending And Profitable Woodworking Projects

With our list above, we hope you’re able to pick a suitable niche for your skills. When it comes to creating something profitable, you have to make sure that there is a market for it. It is all about serving the “underserved” market. To do it, you have to do thorough research.

More importantly, make sure it is something that you would enjoy doing. If you can’t find anything that would suit you, don’t worry. We have listed more trending and valuable woodworking items that you can build.

11.Floating Shelves

If the construction comes with style and precision, floating shelves are an excellent product to make. You can simply use a table saw to rip the pieces of wood to the right width. When it comes to joining woods, all you need are wood glue, screws, and finish nailers. If you don’t own a table saw yet, you can now buy specific types of boards with pre-cut sizes, or you can have the woodworking store staff rip the pieces for you. 

12.Wood Framed Magnetic Chalkboard

For those who are forgetful, a wooden chalkboard is a useful accessory. You only need simple materials like the board, galvanized sheet metal, chalkboard paint, and other finishing designs. 

13.Bedside Tables

Almost everyone needs it nowadays, where a person can put his or her cellphone, book, eyeglasses, or water. You can make customer bedside tables with a convenient charging station. When it comes to joinery, you only need wood glue and a 1 ¼ brad nailer. This type of project may not be a necessary need, which means that while it may not sell for a lot of money, you can still market to and make good profits.

14. Kids Toybox Step Stool

You can sell this to parents who are teaching their kids to do the potty training. You can create a multi-functional and lightweight step-up stool. Make sure that the construction is durable with safe designs since children would be using it. Get materials that would give you a solid build and support at least 100 lbs. More importantly, parents love mobility nowadays, so it is something to note. 

15.Event and Season Sign

You can partner up with some events planner and other stores that regularly change their signs, depending on the occasion and season. It is simple to build, and your imagination is your only limit to create something unique for every event.

It can be a birthday sign, anniversaries, and other holidays. It is a very beginner-friendly project, and you can make a handful of generic seasonal and event-centered signage. You can also just build according to what the customers want.

16.Jewelry Box

For starters, you can make jewelry boxes easily for your target audience. It is a perfect item to sell to those who love giving gifts. You can also target people who are collecting jewelry. It makes for an excellent gift for the wife, girlfriend, or daughter, and anything that works for much different age ranges as a practical and affordable gift, can do very well selling online.

17.Bathtub Caddy

You can target anyone who loves spending and contemplating their lives while bathing. We know how relaxing it is to let the water touch our skin and the aromatic scent of the soap. So, why not create a wooden bathtub cuddy where people can put their belongings for watching movies? Or even their wine glasses? Make it simple, unique, and elegant. For sure, people would love to buy it.

18.Wooden Serving Tray

Here’s another project that you can do with exciting designs. Either for both or home use, these wooden serving trays will redefine the traditional serving methods. Either you partner up with restaurants, coffee shops, or sell it to those who love collecting wooden items.

19.Cutting Board

Cutting boards are essential for our everyday lives. It is where you chop the ingredients that you’re going to cook. Whether it is for a restaurant chef or home cook people, you will have a market for this item. Make it so unique that even those who don’t cook would want to buy it from you.

20.Backgammon Set

Regardless of the size, Backgammon Sets are one of the best items that you can sell today. Backgammon is one of the oldest known board games in the world. Its history is traceable back to almost 5,000 years ago of archeological discoveries in Mesopotamia.

It’s a two-player game where every player has fifteen pieces that move between twenty-four triangles according to the two dice roll. Even with this generation of smartphones, let children know that this game still exists. 

How To Find The Right Woodworking Project For You?

Finding the right item to sell depends on your preference. Ask yourself, what is that item that you are very passionate about? What is that you’ve wanted to create? Look for something that you can relate to and learn every learning curve of building it. In finding the right woodworking projects, here are simple steps that you can follow.

  1. Know Your Niche. Identify the niche that you want to do. What are you good at doing? What is the item that you want to build? Are you fond of wooden toys? Or do you love creating wooden furniture? The choice depends on you. All you have to do is to have the creativity and strength to use all your resources to create a masterpiece.
  2. Product Research. Now that you know what the niche that you want to do is, make product research of it. What are the latest designs and colors for the project? How can you design it so that people would want to buy it? What are the features that you should add to incorporate them into people’s everyday lives? You don’t have to commit at this point, but it is where you should start planning. 
  3. Know Your Location. Once you know the product, and everything about it, pay close attention to where you want to sell it. What is the living status and standards of people who are living in a specific area? For example, if you are selling in Los Anges, do you think someone would at least appreciate what you have to offer? More importantly, focus on pricing, features, and product descriptions. You have to understand the price range of the project that you want to do and choose the right target audience. 
  4. Unique Selling Proposition. It is where you will stand out from your competition. First, it should always be about quality and offering something unique and beneficial to your customers. You can add custom services and other features that would make their lives easier. When thinking about your unique selling proposition, always put yourself on your customers’ shoes. Then, come up with ideas that you would like to have or see in a particular product. Remember, this is not about you showing off what your talents are. Instead, it is something that would make your client want to buy from you.
  5. Build And Sell. Once you completed every stage of searching and brainstorming, it is now time to build your first item. Create it with all your heart, and don’t be afraid to incorporate some new designs. Look for a client or a friend you think would be interested in buying your items.

How To Market Your Woodworking Projects?

Whether you’re offering custom woodworking services out of your home or in stores, you can increase sales by marketing. Here are several opportunities that can help you reach your target people who are most likely in need of custom furniture, bookshelves, or other wooden objects.

The first thing that you have to do is to build a showroom where you can work your masterpieces, and showcase your products. This way, people would think that you’re a severe builder and seller of wooden items. You can then take a picture of your products and buy space in newspapers or industry-specific publications related to woodworking or home design magazines. It is a method to help you boost your brand name publicity.

You can also create social media accounts. You don’t have to register every platform; you only need those social media where your clients browse a lot. Is it on Facebook? Pinterest? Or Instagram? Moreover, you can start blogging about how-to articles to drive people to your website. Other ways will help you boost your audience appearances like direct mail and reward referrals. However, these are only ideal once you start earning money from your projects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is fulfilling to create an object that other people would love to use. It is even more satisfying to build projects that make other people’s lives easier. If you have a passion in creating wooden objects and would love to make a career from it, then do it. Aside from building items, you can also be a professional woodworker trainer or guru expert. Now, let us answer some of the most common questions about woodworking projects. 

What is a good first woodworking project?

Some of the first woodworking projects that you can do are picture frames, chairs, and other items that are square or rectangular. These items are easy to make and only require even fundamental tools. All you have to do is to have a solid plan and make it look unique and appealing to the eyes. 

Is woodworking a good career?

Woodworking is a good career if you have the heart and passion for it. Most people enjoy it as a hobby, but once they get used to making beautiful wooden items, they turn in to being a business woodworker. People who have a passion for this craft can make a legitimate career out of woodworking. It is satisfying to build items from scratch and see other people use it.

Is there money in woodworking?

Once you have established a good career in woodworking and get more customers who would buy your items, there’s money in this career for sure. However, if you’re only doing woodworking projects just for fun, a hobby, or learning new skills, there’s no income for you. Aside from selling, other woodworkers use their skills to teach other people and earn some cash.


If you want to earn money from woodworking, then you can always do it. Nowadays, you can maximize the power of social media platforms and the internet to your advantage. People will buy from you if you provide quality and functionality in every item that you make. Moreover, make sure that it is beautiful and appealing inside and out.

If you are incredibly creative, there’s a rewarding amount of money waiting for you in woodworking. All it takes is for you to unleash your imagination and practicality. Then, combine with public relations, and you will be successful in making money in woodworking. Learn more about other projects for using chisels.

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